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Yeti will host tryouts for boys and girls teams across various age groups, and will offer two levels of play –  Travel Tri-State and Local. The program will bolster self-confidence, foster mental, emotional, and moral growth, bring an athlete-centric focus to skill development, and promote a team success mentality throughout the club.

The Yeti has come to Hillsborough!


We’re currently taking inquiries from those interested in our boys volleyball program.  Please email info@ironpeakse.com for more information
Iron Peak YeTI PROvIDES PLAYERS WITH A CHANCE TO COMPETE AT 2 LEVELS – TRAVEl TRI-STATE AND LOCAL. Our brand new club will be hosting tryouts 


Roster Openings for the Following Age Groups

Travel Tri-State Teams ($20 Tryout fee)

  • U12 – 10/11 & 10/13 (7:00pm)
  • U13 – 10/11 & 10/13 (7:00pm)
  • U14 – 10/11 & 10/13 (8:00pm)
  • U15 – 10/12 & 10/14 (7:00pm)
  • U16 – 10/12 & 10/14 (7:00pm)
  • U17 – 10/12 & 10/14 (8:00pm)


  • U9 – U14  evaluations 10/15 (7:00pm)
Practice Schedule

Travel Tri-State Format: 

  • Girls’ teams, ages U12-U17 (USAV 2021/2022 birth chart) 
  • Competitive track
  • Season runs Fall – early Spring
  • Rosters hold 10-13 players 
  • Practices: 2-3 per week (1.5 hrs. each), including a 1 hr. SAQ session 
  • Competition in 4-6 GEVA and AAU tournaments in NY, NJ, and PA 
  • Player Fees:  $1200/player; includes  Adidas uniform, tournament fees, practice court fees, coach fees, team USAV and AAU Club membership fees and insurance 
  • Fees do not include – Player USAV and AAU membership and add’l uniform items such as warmups, sweatshirts etc.

Local Teams: 

  • Girls’ teams, ages U9-U14  (USAV 2021/2022 birth chart) 
  • Developmental, pre-travel focused curriculum 
  • Season runs Fall – early Spring 
  • Rosters hold 8-10 players 
  • Practices:  2 per week (1 hr. each) 
  • Competition in 1-2 local tournaments
  • Player Fees:  $695; includes uniform, tournament fees, practice court fees, coach fees, USAV and AAU Club memberships and insurance
  • Fees do not include – Player USAV and AAU membership and add’l uniform items such as warmups, sweatshirts etc. 

USAV Junior Player Age Definition 2021/2022:


In addition to the allotted court time, Iron Peak YETI teams will be provided SAQ training sessions. These training blocks are focused on building a base of athletic skills and movements that translate to peak performance on the court, and also aim to mitigate potential injury. Sessions are mandatory.

All ICE training takes place at our state-of-the-art venue using cutting edge equipment and methodology. Our professional and experienced trainers will work with athletes within intensive Sports Performance training sessions.

These sessions will focus on:

    • Building core strength
    • Fine-tuning proper body mechanics, technique, control, and form
    • Injury prevention methods within SAQ (Speed/Agility/Quickness) exercises – enhancing flexibility, balance, power, explosiveness, basic coordination, and conditioning of frequently and infrequently used muscle groups

Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of an individual athlete’s development within their sport and will prepare them to compete at a higher level and achieve maximum performance potential. The ultimate goal of our training program aims to arm athletes with lasting skill sets, protect against injury, and minimize time spent on the sideline.


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(Hillsborough, NJ) July 8th, 2021:  Iron Peak Sports & Events, New Jersey’s premier state-of-the-art sports and family entertainment facility, is thrilled to announce the launch of a full-service competitive volleyball club, the second sport under the Iron Peak Yeti brand. The venue launched its basketball club in January and, after a warm reception and successful AAU season, is now laser-focused on its next court sport in high demand from the local community and surrounding towns.  The volleyball club will welcome boys and girls players, across various age groups, and will host tryouts to form Local and Regional level teams . The club’s mission centers around the concept of keeping local talent in the community, a curriculum aimed at a true sense of player development, and providing a first-class facility to proudly call home.


“Since our opening last year, we have been closely listening to and observing the local landscape to determine what’s missing from an athlete’s sporting experience, what could be better, and in what fashion we could impact change with the resources we have to offer here at Iron Peak,”  explained Iron Peak’s General Manager, Sandra Weingart. “Ultimately, we found unpredictable travel time and mediocre training venues to be the source of most of the strain. We feel perfectly positioned with over 37,000 square feet of prime court space to provide a much-needed upgrade in this regard. We are confident that a turn-key playing environment that removes extraneous details will keep the  player’s sole focus on skill development and aspiring to compete at the highest level.

 Iron Peak Sports & Events boasts eight brand new, hardwood volleyball courts – the training and competitive playing grounds for its new club members. In addition to providing premium court space, all players will participate in Speed/Agility/Quickness (SAQ) Sports Performance Training as an injury prevention, baseline testing, skill progression, and fitness and form regimen. Yeti Volleyball players will also have access to cross-training and team building exercises on the CLIFFHANGER Ninja Course, Climbing Walls, and Aerial Ropes.


“We’re excited to launch this new club at our venue,” stated Dave McGillivary, Iron Peak’s Sports Director. “Giving the opportunity to athletes to play at a variety of competitive levels allows us to meaningfully participate in the development of each individual athlete within the club.”


The new club will feature “Local” teams for athletes ages 9-14.  These teams will practice during the week and participate in local tournaments.  It will also offer more competitive “Regional” teams, for athletes ages 12-17, which will also practice during the week and compete in tournaments throughout the broader tri-state area.  The program will welcome both boys and girls teams – the boys’ season taking place approximately between the months of September and February, and the girls’ playing from November through May.


Iron Peak Yeti Volleyball Club will hold their inaugural season of tryouts in September and October this Fall.

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