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Iron Peak is committed to promoting and developing the sport of archery and making it accessible to individuals of all ages.  Our facilities are staffed by highly trained and certified USA Archery coaches and instructors and can accommodate indoor and outdoor archery activities for individual, small or large groups, and tournaments.  We hope to provide a variety of programs to peak the interests of all archers across the state.  Archery requires focus, strength and determination, and a whole lot of patience. 

Whether you are a world class archer, bowhunter, or backyard novice, archery is great therapy for the body and mind.  Competitive archers may train daily for many hours at a time, but even for recreational archers, the health benefits of archery are clear.  Archery is a performance sport and takes mental focus and discipline, skills that can be applied throughout your daily life.  Join us on the range and start benefiting from the joys and challenges of archery!

Archery target with three arrows

Michael has been a life long archery hobbyist and has coached youth sports in his community for the past 16 years.  In 2016, he established the first 4-H shooting sports archery club in Warren County and the first USA Archery club in northwest New Jersey.  In 2021, he was certified as a Level 4-NTS coach for USA Archery and is one of only five active coaches in New Jersey to achieve this level.  He is also the state archery instructor and advisory council member for NJ 4-H Shooting Sports.

Michael’s goal at Iron Peak is to bring the sport of archery into the lives of as many children and adults as possible and bring world class archery events and experiences to the garden state.

Iron Peak's Archery Director Michael Kilhullen


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