Calling all coaches, event rights holders, league owners, and more! We have available  rental space to accommodate your events or practices. 

Our turf fields are lined for Soccer, Lacrosse, and Football with one set of goal posts.

We also have the ability to line fields for other events.


Iron Sports & Events has 3 brand new turf fields lined for multiple sports. 

Dimensions: 120 yards x 80 yards

Lined For: Soccer, Lacrosse, Football (can be lined for small sided and nonstandard sized fields)

Iron Peak Sports & Events is currently pre-booking its indoor spaces which will house 4 Basketball courts and 8 Volleyball courts. 4 NFHS Basketball Courts, 8 NFHS & USAV Volleyball Courts, 

Gym Height Clearance: 31′-35′ (Divisible by curtains, Scoreboards Available)

Basketball court dimensions: 84′ x 50′

Volleyball court dimensions: 59′ x 29.5′

Iron Peak Sports & Events boasts an indoor dome field inside a climate-controlled 86,000 sq ft bubble. 

Dome Dimensions: Height – 75 feet height clearance – 110 yards x 70 yards of field turf


*Available for Social Gatherings as well as Sporting Events*

Batting Tunnel Rentals: Two 70  ft. tunnels available for rent.

Measurements: 14’ H x 14’ W x 70’ L. Provided: Pitching Mound (baseball), 2 helmets, bucket of baseballs/softballs, and 1 hybrid pitching machine per tunnel.

Iron Peak Sports & Events is currently booking indoor facility meeting spaces which will house 6 spaces perfect for meetings, seminars, and corporate functions

Capacity: Meeting spaces can accommodate between 40-200 people.

Lounge Area: 2,021 sqft

Corporate Space Area: 2,097 sqft

Mezzanine Area: 1,983 sqft

 Multi-Purpose Room 1 Area: 655 sqft 

Multi-Purpose Room 2 Area: 574 sqft

Multi-Purpose Room 3 Area: 409 sqft

*All Meeting Spaces are Operating at 25% of capacity as per NJ State Mandates*

Interested in renting one of our spaces at iron peak?

Fill out our form below and one of our team members will be in touch with you regarding pricing, availability, and any additional information you might need.

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