CLIFFHANGER (Aerial Ropes)

Aerial Ropes Courses

Climb The Sky at our facility's Aerial Ropes areas!

**Due to high party traffic, CLIFFHANGER Drop-In is subject to availability. **

Our new Aerial Ropes courses have been built to help you reach the peak of your fitness!

Our bornac system will ensure that you are able to push yourself to the limits while remaining completely safe. Climb the sky at Iron Peak!

Weight Minimum: 45lbs
Weight Maximum: 265lbs
Height Minimum: 4 ft 4in (52in) Maximum: 6ft 5in

Aerial Ropes Drop-In

Head to Iron Peak for an unparalleled adventure experience on the CLIFFHANGER Aerial Ropes Course. Hone your skills or grab some friends and have some fun on our high flying ropes course.

Weekdays– 3:30PM-10:00PM
Weekends- 10:00AM-10:00PM

Price: $16/adult  $14/child 
(2 hours)

Birthday Parties

Give your child and their friends the ultimate birthday with our aerial ropes areas!

Aerial ropes Classes

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Aerial Ropes Leagues

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The Adventurers Creed

Respect and honor the important people in my life. Always embrace a challenge and find a way to see every obstacle as a path to bettering yourself. Be mannerly. Trust in the decisions I make and see them through with accountability. Make good choices. Work hard and humbly in everything I do. See past the obvious and easy answer to find a better and more wholesome solutions. Help and encourage others to grow into their best and truest selves. Be safe and responsible and have fun. Never, ever give up. Use my Aerial Ropes training to find hidden alternatives and paths to success. Live up to and surpass my potential by pushing my mind and body beyond notions of defeat. Learn at least 1 new thing each day on my adventures.

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