CLIFFHANGER (Aerial Ropes)


Become a skilled adventurer in our climbing & Ninja Classes


Whether you’re interested in becoming a next level climber, or a Elite IRon Ninja Master, Iron Peak’s bespoke curriculum and experienced Coaches will help take your adventurer’s skills to the highest peak!


Ninja Classes

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Climbing Classes

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Coach Leslie
"The Challah Ninja"
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Introducing Iron Peak’s newest Ninja Coach, Leeba “The Challah Ninja” Zucker!

Currently a sophomore at Rutgers University, Leeba comes to Iron Peak with over 3 years of ninja coaching experience. Leeba has also competed at the highest level for ninja – competing on American Ninja Warrior in March of 2022. Leeba loves ninja becuase it is all about beating yourself and that no matter the obstacle, iff you work hard and never give up you can beat it.

When not training or competing you can find Leeba in the kitchen where she loves to bake! Leeba is most excited to help Iron Peak’s young ninjas grow not only as athletes but as people.

Coach Adrian
Ninja Coach
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I’m Adrian, Iron Peak’s Ninja Coach. My favorite part about coaching ninja classes is seeing the kids progress to more difficult and complex obstacles. Outside of coaching I enjoy going to the gym and spending time with my family. I hope to see you at ninja classes soon!

Coach Haley
Climbing Coach
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I’m Haley, Iron Peak’s Climbing Coach! My favorite part about coaching climbing classes is seeing how eager and excited our climbers are to move forward in their climbing experiences. It makes me so happy and proud to see climbers progress on a weekly basis and continue to gain more and more passion as the sessions progress. Outside of coaching I enjoy going on hikes, listening to music and spending time with my friends and family. I hope to see you at climbing classes soon!

The Adventurers Creed

Respect and honor the important people in my life. Always embrace a challenge and find a way to see every obstacle as a path to bettering yourself. Be mannerly. Trust in the decisions I make and see them through with accountability. Make good choices. Work hard and humbly in everything I do. See past the obvious and easy answer to find a better and more wholesome solutions. Help and encourage others to grow into their best and truest selves. Be safe and responsible and have fun. Never, ever give up. Use my Aerial Ropes training to find hidden alternatives and paths to success. Live up to and surpass my potential by pushing my mind and body beyond notions of defeat. Learn at least 1 new thing each day on my adventures.

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