Fun Climbing Walls

Reach your peak at our facility with our climbing areas!

**Due to high party traffic, CLIFFHANGER Drop-In is subject to availability. **

Our climbing area has been built to help you reach the pinnacle of your fitness

A revolutionary climbing experience has come to Central Jersey! Cliffhanger climbing elements offer athletes of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to engage the climbing community in a truly unique environment. Our Walltopia installation includes 15 fun walls and 5 regular climbing walls, measuring 25 ft. each. Fun Walls are safe, interactive climbing concepts that appeal to both children and adults, providing for an unparalleled experience of adventure and competition. The walls offer a colorful and dynamic environment where climbers can navigate through a spider web wall, scale an illuminated chimney, solve their way through a labyrinth wall, teeter and jump from skyscraper walls, while experiencing the rush of excitement without risking injury (auto-belay system). Come climb to new heights at Cliffhanger Entertainment!

Weight Minimum: 30lbs

Weight Maximum: 300lbs


Head to Iron Peak for an unparalleled adventure experience on the CLIFFHANGER elements. Hone your skills or grab some friends and have some fun on our high flying ropes course.

Saturdays- 10:00AM-9:00PM
Sundays- 11:00AM-7:00PM


1Hr pass – $22 in person ($20 online) select 1 element

2Hr pass – $32 in person ($30 online) all 3 elements

3Hr pass – $52  in person ($50 online) all 3 elements and $25 arcade card


Introducing Iron Peak’s BRAND NEW CLIFFHANGER reservation system. Customers can now pre-book time slots for our 1, 2 or 3 hour passes. Whether you are trying to plan ahead or just make sure your spot is secured, click below to pre-purchase and secure your spot on our walls and courses.

Don’t worry, we still have the drop-in capabilities you know and love. Customers will still be able to walk in on the day and purchase a pass. 

Climbing Classes
The Climber's Creed

Respect and honor the important people in my life. Always move onwards and upwards, pushing ahead towards the goals I set. Be mannerly. Trust in the decisions I make and see them through with accountability. Make good choices. Work tirelessly and calmly in everything I do. Plot a course to success and follow it through to the end. Help and encourage others to grow into their best and truest selves. Be safe and responsible and have fun. Never, ever give up. Use my Climbers training to find strength and perseverance even in the face of adversity . Live up to and surpass my potential by pushing my mind and body beyond notions of defeat. Learn at least 1 new thing each day on my journey.

Week 1: Climbing Basics (Safety/Equipment/Footwork/Knots)

Week 2: Strength/Core/Power

Week 3: Cross Training Week

Week 4: Fear Factor/Climb Planning

Week 5: Cross Training Week

Week 6: Speed Test Week

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