At Iron Peak sports & events, we have a variety of sports to choose from for every athlete.

Sports for every athlete

Iron Peak offers a wide variety of sports to choose from.  Our goal as a program is to provide unparalleled competition and training that supports the aspirations and reaches the goals of the athletes who walk on our campus.   The quality of opportunities provided at Iron Peak is what will separate it from other facilities and sports programs in the region.


Gather your friends, form a team and stay active in one of our adult sports leagues. Whether it’s just casual for you or competitive, there’s always an opportunity to keep fit and have a good time at Iron Peak. Whether its flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, or pickle ball, allow Iron Peak to be your place for competition, excitement and fun!


Iron Peak Youth Development Program builds a strong foundation for our young athletes and sets the stage for them to achieve athletic success in the future.  The sports offered by Iron Peak helps athletes learn different types of movements and motor skills as well as speed, change of direction and strength.



Iron Peak Sports and Events is dedicated to developing the potential of boys and girls as they begin shaping their athletic skills and abilities.  Through organized competition, our leagues provide young athletes the opportunity to use fundamental skills gained through training and build a greater appreciation for what’s required to be a successful part of a team.  We offer leagues in every season across a variety of sports, including: flag football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and more!  Our leagues will provide the structure and competitive, fun environment your kids will love! 


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Experience the epicenter of sports & recreation

From leagues to camps to open play, Iron Peak Sports & Events will offer opportunities for participation to everyone in the Hillsborough community and beyond. We’re passionate about bringing our community together, and what better way than by play!

Other ways to meet & play at iron peak sports & Events

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