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Announcing Iron Peak SAQ Team Training –  


In partnership with Pinnacle Health & Fitness 



(Hillsborough, NJ) November 23, 2020: Iron Peak Sports & Events is excited to announce the launch of The IRON COMPETITIVE EDGE (“ICE”), a team training program focused on speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) concepts and methodology. This initiative aims to help athletes reach peak performance while mitigating potential injuries and time spent on the sidelines.  


ICE training will take place at Iron Peak’s state-of-the-art venue, utilizing cutting- edge equipment, professional and experienced trainers, purposeful cross-training space, and mindful curriculum. Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of a team’s development within their sport and will prepare athletes to compete at a higher level. Training is geared toward improving multi-directional movement, balance, and coordination by reprogramming the neuromuscular system. 


“Iron Peak is in a position to be able to offer athletes a truly unique and full-service training opportunity,” explains Sandra Weingart, Iron Peak’s General Manager. “As a two-time ACL injury vet, the SAQ- based training model is one I didn’t personally have access to during my playing career; I believe wholeheartedly needs to be a proper routine in the lives of young athletes today.”



Iron Peak Sports Director, David McGillivary, shared similar sentiments about his sports upbringing and background: “It’s so important for this discipline of programming to be offered within any sports environment,” said McGillivary. “Looking back to when I played overseas, we did not have access to programs like this. It is crucial for young athletes to get involved with SAQ and ABC training early-on, and as a venue, we feel it is our responsibility to be the vehicle for this education and activity to take place in our community.” 


An important part of this new initiative is Iron Peak’s partnership with Pinnacle Health & Fitness. Pinnacle will provide meaningful additions to the program including pool workouts, personalized nutrition plans, and strength & conditioning training. “This partnership will allow us to collaboratively lead the team training industry, providing athletes with a well- rounded, multi-faceted training program,” said Weingart  


Pinnacle Health & Fitness has a long-standing reputation in the Hillsborough community of providing personalized strength & fitness conditioning. Their team of certified trainers and coaches bring over 30 years of experience, passion, and excellence in optimizing performance through training. Pinnacle Health & Fitness is led by Senior Director, Lisa Medawar: “The Iron Peak partnership will fuse Pinnacle’s Fitness industry knowledge and passion with Iron Peak’s new, bold, approach to sports and SAQ to ensure local athletes have the opportunity to take their game to the next level and fully experience the latest and greatest in training modules…all available right here on their doorstep!,” exclaimed Medawar.


With the colder weather approaching,  it is expected that more and more teams will be looking for indoor space to practice and prepare for their next season. Now’s the time to get involved with Iron Peak Sports & Events and Pinnacle Health & Fitness this Winter!






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