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                                                                 IRON PEAK SPORTS & EVENTS PARTNERS WITH LEGRAND COFFEE HOUSE


(Hillsborough, NJ) June 22, 2022: Iron Peak Sports & Events (Iron Peak), New Jersey’s premier venue for sports, events, and family entertainment has teamed up with LeGrand Coffee House and will begin serving its Columbia roast as the new house brew.


LeGrand Coffee House is not just another brand of coffee. It stands for positivity and resiliency, qualities which Iron Peak aspires to exude daily. In October 2010, Eric LeGrand sustained a spinal cord injury at his C3 and C4 vertebrae while playing football for Rutgers University. Since that life-altering incident occurred, he has become a worldwide source of inspiration whose message of positivity has influenced a countless number of people throughout the world. On May 14th, he opened LeGrand Coffee House in his hometown of Woodbridge, New Jersey.


“I’m very excited for the LeGrand Coffee House partnership with Iron Peak Sports and Events,” commented LeGrand Coffee House founder Eric LeGrand. “People can now come from all over and enjoy all the amenities that Iron Peak has to offer, while not having to worry about where they can find a good cup of coffee. We are looking forward to guests enjoying their daily cups of bELieve.”


Iron Peak guests will be able to purchase a ‘daily cup of bELieve’ from the concession stand right on the main concourse. The Colombian coffee is a single-origin medium roast that has above-average sweetness containing hints of red apple and orange mixed with a milk chocolate flavor, rounding out a delicious and robust taste that will make you savor every sip.


“We are thrilled to be working with Eric to provide our guests with LeGrand Coffee House coffee,” explained Iron Peak General Manager Fred Ewig.  “When I first met Eric, I’d already known about his inspirational story.  However, what stood out most to me was that, in the face of all that he’s overcome, and continues to face, his focus is on what he can do to help people.  He’s taken that mission to providing something that people need: a great cup of coffee.  The quality of LeGrand Coffee House coffee fits with our goal to provide best-in-class offerings for all of our guests.”


Iron Peak Sports & Events is the state-of-the-art sports and events destination in Hillsborough, New Jersey. From sports competitions and programing to corporate meetings, this unique facility provides an atmosphere of fun and purpose, while facilitating incredible guest experiences for the local and regional communities. Iron Peak Sports & Events is a bold space for every champion. Iron Peak Sports & Events is a member of the SF Network, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing network of sports facilities, and is operated by the industry leader in outsourced operations, Sports Facilities Management.



LeGrand Coffee House opened its first location on Saturday, May 14th in the Avenue & Green Development at 10 Green Street in Woodbridge, New Jersey. To learn more about LeGrand Coffee House click here.

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