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Pickleball sensation will soon be available at Iron Peak Sports & Events

(Hillsborough, NJ) October 4, 2023: Iron Peak Sports & Events (Iron Peak) will be welcoming Pickleball into its venue later this month with the addition of indoor True Court Pickleball Courts from Pickleball United. These five-layer acrylic rollout courts provide a best in class playing surface for both recreation and professional players.

Originating in Washington in 1959, Pickleball interest has grown exponentially in recent years. There are approximately 36.5 million players nationwide boasting a 158% growth rate over the last three years.

“Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country,” said Iron Peak Owner Gregg Wilke. “We are thrilled to be bringing this exciting sport to our community.”

Iron Peak Sports & Events is the latest venue to incorporate this level of Pickleball court technology, the same technology that is already being used at high level tournaments and events across the country. Backed by the National Governing Body USA Pickleball, these courts have been tested and played on by pros who continue to talk about the unparalleled playing experience they provide. 

Besides the fun, Pickleball brings a plethora of other benefits. Experts suggest that Pickleball can help to improve balance, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, heart health, bone health, mental health, and promote social connection.

“Pickleball is a great low impact sport for players of all ages,” said Iron Peak Sports Performance Director Vance Matthews. “It is a great way to get up and be active in a leisure, training, or competitive setting.”

Iron Peak’s Pickleball programming is set to open for registration soon with opportunities for all levels of Pickleball players.

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